Delivering sustainable, resilient and inclusive urban water supply services in Mozambique

In September of 2021 the Government of Mozambique is holding a institutions and donors the ongoing structural reforms in the urban water supply sector together with the Capital Investment Program (CIP) for 2022-2032.

This Plan has the objective to deliver water supply to 100% of the Mozambican urban population, ensuring a high quality and continuous water service.

Direct Impact

100% of the urban Mozambican population with access to reliable water services, over 4.5m additional people served by 2030.

Risks & Mitigations

PPP and Technical Assistance will assist in improving implementation ability

Private Sector Participation

FIPAG plans to delegate operation and maintenance of the water infrastructures to private operators through PPP contracts.

Wider Outcomes

Improvements in public health, economic development and poverty reduction.


Affordability is at the heart of universal and inclusive water service. Efficient, cost-effective and sustainable urban water operations are thus a major priority. This is reflected in the sector policies being implemented by the Government of Mozambique.

Resilience and Sustainability of the Urban Water Services in Mozambique

Topics to be Addressed


Water Governance

1. Evolution Of Water Services and Infrastructure in Mozambique.

2. Challenges Caused by Rapid Urbanization and Climate Change.

3. Financing of Climate Resilient Infrastructure

Institutional Framework and Private Sector Participation

1. Regulation, Financial and Social Sustainability of Services.

2. Institutional Reforms of Urban Water Supply in Mozambique.

3. Creating a Bankable Water Company: The Requirements of the Financial Market

Water Sector Investment Program

1. FIPAG’S 10 Year Investment Program (2022-2032)

2. Mitigation of Investment Risks

3. Private Investment Support Mechanisms: guarantees and other instruments for non-sovereign operations

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